Artist Biography

Thomas is an international sculptor undertaking private, public and corporate commissions using an extensive range of materials from cast bronze and stainless steel to carbon fiber and string.

Following a passion for strongly form based sculpture that responds to aesthetics and maths within nature, Thomas has developed a distinctive style of contemporary and mainly abstract work that is based on an ethos that the simplest forms are often the most beautiful. From this grew an understanding and belief that the stunningly beautiful yet often simple laws that nature follow, result in what could most closely be described as perfection within our environment.

The ratio 1.681 known as PHI or the Fibonacci sequence, offers a simply beautiful mathematical principle seen widely within natural aesthetics which are frequently applied within Thomas' designs. By exploring such naturally occurring principles, he strives to create unique and inspirational objects.

A simple methodology that combines these principles with contemporary materials, processes and technology sets a strong foundation for developing and creating highly aesthetic contemporary forms. These creations are mostly abstract in nature and comment on what is recognisable throughout 'the everyday' with the intention of making their audience spend time contemplating 'the recognised' and 'the obscure'.

Thomas hopes that in creating this sensation more time will be taken to appreciate the context and surrounding of the object as well as its own intrinsic values.