Artist Biography

I graduated in 1986 from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Fine Art. I then began to build up a substantial portfolio, which I successfully exhibited at solo and group shows in and around Central London. Venues included The Edith Grove Gallery, Smith's Galleries in Covent Garden, the Portobello Open, the Blackheath Gallery, Chalk Farm Gallery and Chappel Galleries.

My recent work has been influenced by spending time in Cornwall and looking at the paintings of the St Ives artists, including Peter Lanyon. I have been using collage to experiment with creating a new dimension to the landscape, using line to give energy to, and to help capture the particular mood of, a place. I am continuing this idea with my work in paint on canvas too.

In addition, I continue to draw from the figure, trying to keep the energy and essence of the pose.

“These figures are not the hour long slog pursued in the academic life class, but have the feeling of imminent change and therefore truly ‘life’.” - Frank Low, Art Critic

My iPad allows me to use layers to experiment with the figure and landscape as one. Changing these layers has exciting possibilities and produces different colour and texture combinations.

Keeping the energy fresh is always my priority.