Henrietta paints abstracts in oil on canvas in which she aims to evoke a time and a place, creating spaces full of light and memory.

‘It is not the appearance of a chosen motif but its own energies and mystery that form the heart of my paintings’

Nature is the basis, the starting point, for the paintings, which rapidly take on a direction of their own where the dancing light or the feel of the wind becomes the main focus. They are compositions woven from images of the natural world.

‘It is the power and energy of nature that excites me. Light and movement allow the creation of the space in my work, often opening up huge vistas. The finished pieces range from almost totally abstract compositions evoking a sense of place to more easily recognisable landscape images: the natural world modulated by time and season, disclosed by visual texture and colour.’

Henrietta’s works can be found in collections in New York, Houston, Sydney, Perth, Paris as well as the UK.

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