Artist Statement

The first dot and stroke on a white sheet of paper destroys the pure, the empty canvas. The empty canvas is the archetype, the mother of all images. It is the space and the absolute source of all motifs. A word, a sound, destroys silence, something emerging destroys emptiness. Silence, emptiness, nothingness, and point zero—that is the original state, the space where everything is being created, where everything derives from and what everything reverts to. Here, archetypal principles govern. No forms, no words, no names, no faces are important to me, but the hidden, the underlying space where everything is being born.

In my work, I want to revert to this original state because it is immortal, it is omnipresent, universal. Because it persists before and after. The original state contains the truth, the entity and the essence. To get there one has to dispose of everything. Everything needs to be destroyed, broken down, broken through, burnt down and eliminated. Everything needs to die and be brought to nothingness.

After the dying, after the death of the motif, after all names, faces, forms and things have been broken through and destroyed; we can face the emptiness, the silence and the origin. All this goes to show that the act of destruction is no glorification of violence but rather a symbolic- ritualistic act of liberation, an act of cleansing. The image and therefore the human being, the creator, the observer is inevitably being forced to revert to the original state. The effect impacts the observer in the deepest levels; one now is able to observe the true essence of being. Nameless, formless, timeless, space less, unintentional and will-less.

I believe that it is the task of the creator and the image to be responsible to the original state and to derive norms that are truthful and thus indispensable for everything. It asks the question of what is real, what is truth and who is the creator, what is the nature of things, what is beginning and what is end. What is God.
What is before belief, religion before knowledge, science, what is before the will, before the established? The archetypes are icons, which question the beginning and the end that question what is behind the being. In the hidden, in the dark but also in the light.
Destruction is the creative act that reverts us to the original being.
The golden image is the glorification of the only, the pure image itself. The archetype. As the mirror includes both the observer and the world, so do the observer and the creator include the image in them. Everything mirrors itself.

The Universe is a narcissist, and so are all the things within it.
The destruction of this artwork serves as the archetype of the narcissistic reflecting universe. The destruction is the cleansing and liberation, the breaking through and questioning of the images, of the reality, the belief and of the reality we have of everything and ourselves. Even our self-perception is destroyed. Our mirror image.
These artworks answer to the necessity of disposing of everything and are meant to liberate from everything and to break through the artwork that is only mirroring the observer. What lies beneath our self-perception, our worldview? Here, the perception and all its motifs are being destroyed. What remains is the artwork as the golden icon of the mirroring quadrature of the narcissistic human thinking, the artistic, creationist act of destruction exposed.

’And he who longs to be creator for both the good and the evil: must truly first become destroyer and shatter norms.’ Friedrich Nietzsche

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