Fadi’s practice has taken on two paths, one being figurative oil painting and the other Egyptian Christian Iconography. Born to Egyptian parents in Essex, Fadi was apprenticed to a renowned Egyptian icon-painter whereby he trained as an iconographer. 

Fadi is influenced by the of love of children’s literature he has nurtured since his youth. Through the process of painting he celebrates the images of his youth. He relives those memories through painting them over and over again layering thick semi-abstracted daubs of oil until a balance of shape, colour and line is found. Fadi explores the making of the ‘hard won’ image akin to Fank Auerbach’s and Leon Kossoff’s work through pushing and pulling of paint. 

He is aware of of all art being a repetition of something that has already been made however he believes that nuance is what makes his work original.

‘Although I am creating paintings of subjects that have been used before, no-one in the history of painting will have painted them quite like I will. No one will feel the exact same way that I do about the subjects. Because no two people on this earth are exactly the same.’

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