Artist Statement

The themes and ideas in the work are carefully formed from the surrounding environment. Notions of Space, Place, and destination feed the works and stripped of original place they can’t be located to geographical location. In doing so they are more likely to represent non-space. Which acts as a means for the works to journey and explore in there own right, allowing the work to become outcomes of their own destination. Associating the artist as a traveler of mobility not just within our world, but also within his practice.

The images show a person lost within this idealistic natural undiscovered landscape. The images not only offer intrigue and curiosity through their material presence but hint between basic fundamental needs of self, metaphorically represented through the nature of these unaltered places.

Places that don’t exist. Places that are undiscovered. Places that us feel like we have yet to visit and explore. It’s all about the journey and the curious thrive on new information of the undiscovered and the untouched.

When people view the work I would like them to believe that such a place exists. I want them to examine the artworks with intrigue and curiosity with the same passion and vision, to their own dreams and ideals.

Shop Artist