A Spanish artist currently living in London, Beatriz is inspired by her surroundings and translates the energy and visual information of her dairy life into her work using color as her personal language.

The color in Beatriz’s work seems a spontaneous emission, as if she had transmitted her emotions directly onto canvas through the mere act of breathing. The viewer, in turn, is drawn into the vortexes of movement in her images, yet they offer points of seductive languor along the way, in the presence of floral shapes opening outward, clouds that provide moments of rest, and other suggestive elements. At the same time, Beatriz’s paintings feature a strong sense of depth, which derives from her knowledge of architecture — the field in which she began her career — and the importance to her of the landscape of her hometown of Santander, Spain. While her work always references landscape or spatial depth, she avoids the presence of a horizon line. Thus departing from classical conceptions of space, she creates dialogues between different spatial planes, allowing viewers to find their own road maps. Her use of color spots, drips, and splatters convey her fearless and intuitive process while making all of the elements in these imaginary worlds seem to be alive.

Evoking Abstract Expressionism, Color Field Painting, and Spanish painterly traditions, Beatriz’s canvases reference today’s sensory overload experienced with a rare unfiltered and raw openness.